David Baboulene

David has had six books published and four film deals, two in Hollywood and two in the UK. He has worked on many films and books as a story consultant (see below).

He is also working at Brighton University on his Ph.D. thesis, proving that the power of every story lies in its subtext. This work is revolutionising the way stories are evaluated and developed. He has worked with some of the most influential names in story development in this capacity, including Bob Gale (Back to the Future); Lee Child (16 million Jack Reacher novels sold); John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses); Willy Russell (Educating Rita, Blood Brothers, Shirley Valentine); and many others.

David works as a story consultant for film production companies, writers, producers, training and development organisations for stage, page and screen. He also gives seminars and writes extensively on his subject, including his regular column in Writing Magazine and Writers' News.

David has worked for some of the worlds largest organisations as a Technical Author and as a Corporation Storyteller, using story as a powerful tool of business communication, including The UK Government and National Air Traffic Control.

He and his family live in sunny Brighton, England.




'Jumping Ships' (2009). Summersdale Media Group. ISBN 978-1-84024-591-2. 

'Ocean Boulevard' (2007). Summersdale Media Group. ISBN 978-1-84024-590-5. 

CHILDREN'S BOOKS(Illustrated by Kelly Chapman)

'Kepple the Kite' (2008). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-0-9. 

'Oopsie - I Forgot!' (2010). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-1-6.


'The Story Book - Guidance for writers to story creation, optimisation, problem resolution and marketing' (2010). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-2-3.

'Story Theory - The psychological and linguistic foundations to how stories work' (2014). Dreamengine Media Ltd.


FALLEN HALO (2014) Co-writer; Story Consultant

HELLO JOE (2014) Story Consultant

MAYAKIN (2014) Writer

DISCOVERY ROAD (2013) Story Consultant

DEADLY KISSES (BOOK) (2012) Story Consultant

LEMMINGS (2012) Story Consultant

THE WISH (2009) Story Consultant

THE CLUB (2009) Story Consultant

GHOSTWALKER (2010) Story Consultant

THE RAIN (2011) Story Consultant

HEARTSTOPPERS (2012) Writer/Producer


LOVE LIFE (Writer)


ANJUNA (Writer)

And many others...



David Baboulene

David Baboulene

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