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Previous speaking engagements and associations include:

So you are a writer

The London Screenwriters Festival (
The Dialogue Society (
The Goethe Institute (Berlin – Germany’s Cultural Programme)
Ginger Ink (Kenya) and One Fine Day Films (Berlin)
Enter The Pitch film story competition (Enter The Pitch)
International Screenwriters Association (ISA)
The London Writers’ Cafe
The I Will Tell Film Festival (
The Aegean Film Festival (Sundance Partner)
Inktip (
The International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN)
Writers’ News and Writing Magazine (Columnist)
University of Brighton, Sussex UK
University of Amsterdam, Holland.

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Click here to join my Mailing List of Story Goodness!


About David Baboulene Ph.D.

Story Consultant. Author. Scriptwriter. Producer. Academic.


I have devoted my life to the study and creation of stories. I get excited by new stories and aspiring writers, and I love to help creatives make stories the best they can possibly be. 


About David

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