Become a Professional Screenwriter

Through a series of around 50 hours of online seminars (and growing...), you get all the knowledge you need to take your stories and yourself to a professional level.

All done with short films and clips from legendary movies and classic TV shows to clearly show the theory in action; and we are going to have a few laughs along the way, too.

"The course is amazing! I'm learning so much! Who knew that ignorance, honestly, is not bliss?! I don't know how on earth I would have done my manuscripts any justice if I had sent them out before coming across your teachings. Thank you, David."
Lorraine Falkener - seminar delegate

Firstly, though...

We have to talk about marketing...

So you are a writer

I studied marketing. In fact, I give you a whole seminar on it on the course. It's a necessary evil for writers, I'm afraid, but actually fascinating and easy once you get into it! (Details below.)

BUT... I don't want to market at you here. The biggest thing I learned about marketing is that if a person sees value in what you do, you don't have to do anything clever or 'salesy' to get a relationship. They want it, because it is good for them. Simple. So that's all I'm going to do on this page. I'm not interested in 'selling'. I want to work with people who want to work with me in helping them become a professional screenwriter. Simple as that.

"Meeting with David was an epiphany for me. It took me a month to fully grasp David´s advice, but it did sink in and when I started to write again, I just felt so FREE and infinitely more creative. My book is now complete, and I am so, so proud of it. I am sitting here looking at two contracts to publish, both from reputable and well-known publishing houses and with more potential offers due in shortly."
Steve Askham. Writer

30-day absolutely no-quibble guarantee of your money back...

So the way we move forward without risk is if I give you a 30-day absolutely no-quibble guarantee of your money back if you aren't 100% blown away by the value you get. You can 'suck it and see' and it either gives you value, or it costs you nothing. So I'm not going to put you through some sales funnel or marketing spin.

If you've been on the site even a few minutes, you'll know if this is right for you, so if you are one of those people, let's get stuck into how we can start working together. This is my best offer, OK? This is cutting to the chase so I can give you my entire, Godfather of an offer straight off the bat, and we can get cracking with you and your stories.

The image for Online Writing Course David Baboulene

Read to the end because there is a lot of bonus content and offers! Either way:

"We cannot recommend David Baboulene highly enough. His insights and expertise on story creation have been invaluable, helping us get the script of Hallo Joe to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production”
Mark Halliley Scriptwriter: Hello Joe

The StoryPower Masterclasses

What's inside?

1. Why do stories exist?

We begin with some theory on the psychology of story. Why stories exist, what are stories, how they work, and why they have such a profound impact on us compared to other forms of communication.

2. Knowledge gaps and subtext

How knowledge gaps and subtext are the common denominator for human mental processes AND stories. I will show you how they are the substance of story and how that translates into a toolbox for you to knowledgeably craft your stories to deliver that profound impact on their audience.

3. The writer, the character, and the audience…

There are three essential roles in a story, one for each of the participants in every story: The role of the writer; the role of the characters; and the role of the receiver (reader, listener, audience…). Each has a role, and you, as the writer, the God of the story, control them all!

4. The clever bit – storification

When your receiver starts building the story for themselves in their mind, and is getting more than the basic meaning you are giving them, THAT is the subtext working, and that is called storification. It’s so, so powerful, and when you get this going deliberately, you are becoming a master of story. Here’s a quick example:


If you ‘received’ a small advertisement for someone selling footwear, then you got the narrative. If you got something to do with death in childbirth, you just got storification.

Absolutely critical, mind-blowing power in every beat, scene, sequence, act, and entire story.

5. After this...

Lots and LOTS of examples and clips from famous films and TV shows, and entire short films and resources to demonstrate the principles, have it all make sense and to turn you into not only a story theory expert, but also to empower you to make your stories from knowledge gaps and subtext. These are the substance of great story. At this point will be amazed to find yourself making stories that absolutely explode onto new dimensions.

"Once you have discovered David's approach, you will find the proof of it in every single story you ever hear, read or watch, ever again, and you will never write in quite the same way again. David’s discoveries are a game changer for writers."
KRIS MOLE (Author Gatecrashing Europe, 2012)

And THEN you get all the bonus goodies below. But before that, let’s grasp the nettle and talk about the pricing for this…



It's really hard to price up an online course. I've given these seminars for more than £1500 (~$2000) for a live event. So let's say I'm giving you a 50% discount (this is what we'd do if we were reeling you in with a sales funnel, right?!).

We'll start at £1500 and drop £50% to £750. And we'd call it £749 because it sounds less, right? 

More than 50% off?! (And we'd pretend that's the final price, when really there's more, right?) Don't click this button, then. OK? It's just pretend.

I wonder if one day someone will actually click that one?!

AND you get the following thrown in. Let's start with a modest appetiser…

A bonus FREE course on marketing

This is the antidote for your hatred and distrust of marketing. Get this: There is a type of marketing called Story Branding that uses story dynamics to create powerful marketing copy and campaigns.

Once you are underway with the main course, you can become a genuine, bona fide marketing expert by adding this two-hour marketing course to your armoury.

It includes specific material for writers selling themselves and their work to the industry, and, perhaps above all else, it actually makes marketing interesting!

You'll never see marketing in the same way again. I got work in marketing once I knew this stuff. I was transformed.

It's a short course (most of the work is done through learning story theory), it's surprisingly powerful, and transforms your prospects as a writer, and even qualifies you to find work as a writer delivering marketing copy.

I actually did this during lockdown. It was fun! And the agency started using my course to teach their copywriters.

You get it for free. It's easy - because the method uses story… and you are an expert in story by this point!

"David has been God sent for me. His sincerity towards your success is beyond anything I have ever come across in this industry. He is all about you and your purpose."

Rachna Malkani - Writer and Business Owner

How to make a killer Pitch Deck

So you've learned how to market yourself to the industry, but one massively important skill is to learn to build a pitch deck. Movie scripts get bought and sold on the basis of a decent pitch deck alone, even to the point that a producer who loves a pitch deck will not even bother reading the script. They know the story has everything they need to sell it. I'm not even close to joking. This is exactly what happens. So making a perfect pitch deck is absolutely key to your future. We are going to build one of mine, and then we are going to build yours together.

"David has been God sent for me. His sincerity towards your success is beyond anything I have ever come across in this industry. He is all about you and your purpose."

Rachna Malkani - Writer and Business Owner

One-on-one consultation with me

OK, so once you get to this point, I can quickly get up to speed with you. You did my courses, so we're singing off the same songsheet, you made a pitch deck, so you have something to sell, and you did some story branding, so you know how to sell.

At this point, I will be absolutely delighted to jump on a call and see what we can do together. Best case scenario? Well, I've given both production and publishing deals to people who have got to this point. You are now the world expert on your story; you know what you are doing, and I'm in prime position to get next to you and share your success! One of the reasons I do this is to get first dibs on fresh new stories. 

Worst case scenario? If your work isn't above the bottom line yet, I'll tell you exactly why, I'll give you critical feedback and a routemap to help you to get there. Quite often, when a writer isn't ready yet, there will be clear practical reasons that can readily be addressed.

You get my email address from day one, by the way. By coming on board, you have a contact in the film industry

"The insight that David brought to our project was invaluable. David was able to turn our script that was a compelling story attracting initial interest into a page turner of a screenplay. He is creatively inspiring while maintaining a kind, collaborative humility that should not be underestimated. Thank you so much David."
Hannah Stevenson - Producer: In Another Life (2017), Eaten by Lions (2018), Pavement (2020)

Discount Access to my Live StoryPower Masterclasses

OK, so it's all well and good to jump on Zoom and have a one-to-one, but isn't it better if we can meet up, get a beer and talk face-to-face? In the coming period, I am planning to ramp up the live events, and would love to meet you there and shake you by the hand!

I asked people at my live show to provide anonymous feedback, so they could tell me what they truly think! Here's a few examples.

"Thanks for all your work David, this was all really useful. I love your style of presentation and your humour."
Anonymous delegate feedback

Access to Bella - real world movie-maker training

I made a short film in 2021, entitled Bella. It has no conflict. No dialogue. No bad guy. I did it to demonstrate a number of knowledge gap dynamics that aren't part of the cookie-cutter formulae that are normally peddled.

I started with a simple idea for a story. I take you from there to a premise. Then a treatment. Then a step-outline. Then a script. And then an actual movie, up there on the big screen. You get to see every moment of that progression, and there is a book that accompanies it. In the coming year, I'm making a full-length feature film with the same depth of engagement with the process and the detail of every step along the way.

You are welcome to come along on that journey with me.

And get this: I will be offering people the chance to come on set, to be an extra in the movie, to attend the premier. To get involved!

"10/10! I've never deconstructed a story in such a way and he makes it riveting and funny, so kudos, David!
Anonymous delegate feedback

Become a Story Consultant

I believe EVERY story being made, anywhere in the world, should have a story consultant on the team. I see so many stories get trampled underfoot in the rush to make a movie, it's CRITICAL that someone there is looking after the beating heart that EVERYONE relies on.

Part of this training is for you to become a story consultant, should you wish to do so, or at least serve that purpose if you have another role on the shoot. 

When there's a story expert on a film-making project, everyone ends up turning to that person. It's a critical role, and it is knowledge that is recognised and valued by others. 

“Every session provided another ‘eureka moment’ for me; another sudden insight into ways to improve my stories and find direction for me as a writer.”
Anonymous delegate feedback

Nuts and Bolts

Not a lot of money when you think how much you get, and how much it's going to change your life.

Ok, one final part of this offer is the money thing. Like I say, I'm not asking £1500. I'm not asking A grand! Surely, it can't be less than £749?! That would be ridiculous, right?!

OK, I'll stop messing about. I am offering you this course today at the incredible knock-down price of just £299.

Oh, and don't forget. You get a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

No quibbles. I don't want any unhappy customers, so if you aren't entirely happy, you can have a full refund, just by asking. And you get to keep the book! 🙂

Loads to gain. Nothing to lose. Let's go!

I look forward to meeting you.


"David’s love and understanding of story has elevated many of my scripts which have subsequently gone on to be produced and win awards. He’s a fantastic story consultant – encouraging and full of good ideas – I can’t imagine ever writing a script without asking David to read it."
CAROLYN GOODYEAR Writer/Producer (ENS; HomeWreckers; Lilly Lemoncello).
"David was clear, fun, insightful and kind. It was really useful to be able to talk to him. He was very approachable and gave everyone really clear feedback."
Anonymous delegate feedback
"David is The New Aristotle."
Craig Hinde: Writer/Producer/Director